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HypnoBirthing Class

Hypnotherapy in childbirth is a proven method of pain relief during labour. In this class, 5 classes in total, we teach self hypnosis to be used before and during birth. We also teach other methods of pain relief that can be done easily by the mother or her spouse. A total of 5 classes, 2.5 hours each. We aim for a comfortable birth.

Birth trauma

Had a birth trauma in a previous birth and very fearful of the coming birth? We are here to help. We help to explore the previous birth with you and find the cause of the fear. Then, we help you clear all your fears and be at peace with your previous birth. Clearing the fear also help you to make sensible choices for the current birth.

VBAC counselling

For women with a previous Caesarean birth and wish to try for natural birth, there's always fear and stress. Studies have proven that this fear and stress during pregnancy and labour can cause many complications in pregnancy, including poor progress of labour and fetal distress, which will lead to another Caesarean birth. If you want to achieve a successful natural birth, you need to clear all the emotional fear and stress before birth. This will help to reduce complications as well as better birth experience.

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