The "No-Touch" Technique in Breast Augmentation


Cosmetic & aesthetic surgeon

THE ADVANTAGES OF USING THE BREAST FUNNEL ARE: (1)Shorter incisions/scars - By inserting the implant via a breast funnel (Keller Funnel) as opposed the traditional method of a surgeon inserting the implant with their gloved fingers into the breast pocket, the necessary incision length is shorter. (2)Reduced risk of infections and capsular contracture -The no-touch technique is an approach that does not require the surgeon to touch the implants, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and therefore significantly reducing the risk of capsular contractures. (3) Faster recovery - Using a Breast Funnel (Keller Funnel) decreases possible trauma to the breast tissue, which in turn can lead to faster healing time, easier recovery and reduced pain during the recovery period. (4) Reduced stress to the implant - Using a funnel with its slippery coating (hydrophilic surface) allows for little to no force when introducing the implant into the breast pocket. The little or lack of force to the implants reduces the risk of damaging the implant, thereby lowering the risk of implant rupture and prolonging the life of the implants. (5)Shorter length of procedure - The ease of implant insertion using the Breast Funnel (Keller Funnel) can lead to a shorter procedure, which means the patient will be under general anesthesia for a shorter period.

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