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Jackie has been working with adolescents for more than seven years now. He started his journey in counselling after completing his bachelor degree. He enjoys working with adolescents as he would like to journey with adolescents in their growing up journey. He looks into the interest of running group process with adolescents. Jackie finds that adolescence is a stage which is most sensitive physically and emotionally and often being targeted but less likely to be supported. His warm personality yet drawing clear boundaries makes his work with adolescents stays objective. Jackie sees that adolescents are facing too much pressure especially growing up in the era of globalization. They are either being given too much expectations or too little attention in their daily routines. Hence, he developed a comprehensive health module that focuses on sex education that is suitable for both adolescents and parents. Jackie has prior experience dealing with multiple sexual issues as well as addiction issues with university youths and working young adults. He is also seeing individual clients and in progress of developing support group for adolescents. His work includes but no limited to seeing clients from lower socio-economical background, couples, working adults, extreme cultural background and administer career assessments. He uses Reality Therapy, CBT and is currently seeking interest in Sex Therapy as well as Emotional Focused Therapy. He was professionally trained by skilled supervisors during his practicum and internship at multiple NGOs, clinics, schools and university. Jackie practices a strong and professional ethics in his work. He does not compromise any malpractices in the boundaries of his professional work to secure his clients’ wellbeing as a priority. Jackie believes that practitioners can be both objective and subjective as well as being true genuine self without having to change based on expectations in order to please anyone yet staying in professional position especially working in different settings dealing with different clients.


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Counselling is not an advice giving but a channel for clients to get a listening ear during stuck moments in life.