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So, What's Teleme?

Teleme is a platform that connects you to practitioners, pharmacists and health labs online!

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Malaysia's leading Telemedicine Platform

Teleme was founded to provide a seamless and efficient healthcare experience. By moving healthcare online and constantly innovating to improve the delivery of healthcare to patients, we now have over 150 licensed health practitioners who provide the best service to our users through means of video call and chat consultation.

Teleme aims to offer the most reliable, secure and efficient online healthcare experience or telemedicine service to everyone regardless of where you are. Receive medical advice, prescription, health screening advice on our mobile friendly website.

Why use Teleme

Telemedicine is the ideal solution to many of the mandates in the global health care reform: senior patients get improved access to healthcare by bringing specialist care to community health centers or directly to patients' homes, younger patients who have no patience or time to queue at crowded clinics/hospitals can just see their doctor online. Patients are also able to speak to different specialists via teleconference, making maintenance and treatment of chronic conditions more cost effective and time saving. By removing restrictions on the time and place for medical care, this can also prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. With Teleme, prevention is better than cure in our quest to offer a better healthcare experience.