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Bahasa (Malay)
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Malaysia Sport Psychology Association Member, MSc Sports & Exercise Psychology, Northumbria University, UK


I am a sports, exercise and performance psychologist. My main expertise is helping people who are keen to engage in enhancing their mental skills and performances. Be it a professional athlete or the weekend warrior, I am here to provide you the help you need. Correspondingly, these mental skills are transferable to our daily and professional lives. My experience with the corporate/organisational wellness showed that many of these skills also help in dealing with your everyday challenges. If you are keen to know more about managing stress/anxiety/depression, be it in sports or work-wise, have a chat with me and we can work on this together!


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Sport & Performance Psychology Hub

Twin Residences, Jalan Pipit, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia 47100

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Organisational Wellness

Having challenges in leadership? Getting frustrated in motivating your team? Team morale is low? Gaining some skills and perspectives in handling this can bring you and your team to the next level.

Mental Skills Learning

In sports or work, there are many mental skills that are available to help you gain new perspectives and increase performance. Have a go with these mental skills and see yourself in a different light.

Stress Management

Be it in sports or work, managing stress helps you to gain better performance and productivity. Recognise and managing it is key.

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