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Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Certified in Family Constellation , Recognition from Shan Home, Appreciation letter from Ru Yi Home, Appreciation letter from Shan Home


Wei See is the founder of Malaysian Gratitude Association (MGA) which provides workshop, healing session for the children to release their depressing emotions and education in mental health. ​She finds clarity, love, peace and hope through her training, meditation sessions, oracle card’s readings and healing sessions. She is a highly intuitive reader providing clarity to others who come to her meditation class or card reading sessions and self or group healing section. Her meditation sessions help others connect with their subconscious mind, and deeply release inner unconscious emotional blockages and anxieties. Through her personal experiences in overcoming all her fears and discovering her own self worth, she is deeply inspired to use her gifts and inner strengths to inspire others to lead happier and peaceful lives by inner self reading, self awareness and self acceptance. Wei See is a great believer in investing on self empowerment courses to enrich one’s life. ​ She is practising The Seth (Analytical Approach), Certified of Practitioner Fast Track technique , Family System Constellation and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She speaks English, Malay, Chinese, Hokkien & Cantonese. Her sessions help others to connect with their inner-self, and heal the unconscious blockages of those who suffer from emotional symptoms & disturbance, bringing you to break through your current situation. She can be contacted for relationship, phobia, addiction, insomnia or repeated issues. ​ Graduated & Member of: - Seth Learning Garden - Institut für systemische Lösungen - Full member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis - Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis - London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia


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Children Anxiety Disorder

Well, that is one thing that we can't argue is most of the children are under more emotional pressure today than the past. Worry excessively about a variety of things such as grades, family issues, societal, academic and parent pressures often bring the children with anxiety issues that show up in many ways. The symptoms such as: - Finding it hard to concentrate, - Sleep problem or having bad dreams, - Appetite changed, - Easy to angry or irritable, - Easy to burst out and lost control, - Having often negative thoughts, - Feeling tense and fidgety, - Often go to the toilet, - Emotional, - Stomachaches, headache and feeling unwell, - Wet bedding. As a parent, it is not easy to deal with a child who has an anxiety disorder. How to deal with it? Find a trained therapist to overcome it! Bring your child to all the therapy appointments. Encourage your child to take small steps ahead and praise your child for efforts to cope with fears and worry. How is your kid treated? - Behavioural therapy - Cognitive behaviour therapy - Kids Hypnotherapy - Play therapy - Storytelling Parent love and support usually play a big part in the healing progress. So do encourage them more. Be patient, it takes a while for the therapist to work and for kids to feel better.