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Pregnancy loss

Having a pregnancy loss has a big impact on women's emotional health. If you cannot let go, finds yourself very emotional, cannot sleep or any other discomfort after a pregnancy loss, we are here to help you. We help you go through the grief process.

Postnatal depression

Having a new baby can be emotional and mentally stressful. Sometimes, there is no one that understand or supports you. You want to be happy and cheerful again. We are here to help you go through this new phase of your life.

Menopause and Emotions

Going through menopause? Feeling very emotional? Always losing your temper? Difficulty sleeping? It's a phase of every women's life but some gets it worse than others and it can last for 5 to 10 years. The hormones are the cause but we can provide emotional therapy to help you get over this phase.

Smoking cessation

Trying to stop smoking but have difficulty. Each smoker has a reason to smoke. It's quite easy to stop smoking if we can find the trigger event. We will explore with you and help you let go the trigger event. Then, stopping smoking is definitely possible.

Weight loss

Are you more than 100kg? Do you indulge in food whenever you are sad, angry or guilty? We can help you let this eating habit and then weight loss will be possible.

Chronic Pain

You have been having severe pain and seen many doctors but no cause was found and you are relying on pain killers. Some of the chronic pain that we are suffering is due to an emotional cause rather than physical. When we cannot find a physical cause, we need to explore emotional cause.


Cannot sleep at night? There's always an emotional cause for difficulty in sleeping. We help you explore the cause and help you to find a way to let go the problem.

Cancer and stress

Women who go through cancer treatment need a lot of emotional help. Knowing that you have cancer is stressful. Worrying about what is going to happen to you and also your young children is very stressful too. Going through the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be very stressful too. We are here to relief your stress. Without stress, your treatment will be more tolerable. Without stress, you are more likely to get cured after all the treatment.

Birth trauma

Fear for another pregnancy? Find it painful or stressful having sex after your last childbirth? Birth trauma is a form of post-traumatic Stress Disorder and definitely needs therapy. We help you to let go and accept your birth better. Then, you will be able to resume back a normal life and be at peace with your birth. This will ensure a happier parenting, happier marriage and future happy births.

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