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Diabetes Studies 1

This test detects diabetes and helps to monitor diabetes control.

Prevent problems related to diabetes such as strokes, heart attacks, blindness and kidney failure

Recommended for
All ages - those who have a family history of diabetes and who are experiencing increased hunger, tiredness and blurred vision


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General Screening with Blood Group

This test is a general screening that detects problems concerning the liver, kidney, anaemia, diabetes and cholesterol.

Basic health screening that covers a wide range of conditions

Recommended for
For anyone who seeks to have a basic health baseline


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Coronary Risk Factors

This test detects coronary heart disease risk.

Once identified, steps can be taken to mitigate the risk of these heart and vascular diseases affecting you in the future

Recommended for
Adults over 30 years - those who have a family history of heart disease or strokes


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Forever Young Profile

This test detects changes in our hormone levels as we age.

Once done, patients can consult wellness/anti-ageing doctors about lifestyle changes to rebalance their hormone levels.

Recommended for
Adults over 45 years - If you feel constantly tired or have a lack of energy


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Why Health Screen

Health screenings accurately confirm the signs and symptoms of a diagnosis. Even for a healthy indiviudual, health screenings can detect abnormalities that are otherwise overlooked - early detection and treatment of conditions will lower the risk of serious health complications. It's important to get yourself screened regularly to monitor your health.

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Benefits of Health Screening with Teleme

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Our built-in reminder system to notify you when your next screening is due.

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Detailed Report

A full report with complete information from all areas of your health records.